Hailaker's self-titled debut album will be released April 26th. Its second set of singles, Coma / Smoke and I Could Be Back, premiered yesterday at The FADER, and are out now.



Can't wait to get back out on the road in the US and Europe in March and May respectively. See you there! Tickets here.



Novo Amor's debut album, Birthplace, is out now. I had the pleasure of co-writing all but a couple of the songs.



Hailaker, my new project with Jemima Coulter, put out its first songs today. We have an album coming out in 2019.



The video for Novo Amor's "Utican" is premiering over at The Fader!




So excited to be playing all these shows across Europe and the US! Tickets on sale now.



The powerful video for Novo Amor's "Birthplace", touching on the issue of plastic in the ocean, is premiering today at The Independent. More info on the video and its subject matter can be found here.



JJ Draper's Silhouettes EP is out now.




The incredible video for Oliver Spalding's Epoch, directed by Jorik Dozy and Sil van der Woerd, is out now.